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But I have photographic proof that Beyonce and Rihanna are BFFs!EXHIBIT AHere is Beyonce and Rihanna all up on each other at a basketball game. Beyonce let Rihanna go through her wig warehouse and wear her Dreamgirls Lacefront #48. Disgusted with Stans One thing I have learned is that stans are never satisfied. Look at this trick: It's getting to the point where I just don't want to be her friend anymore. It should be illegal for a person to slaughter the game this bad and this hard.The show's first season was available on DVD under Warner Bros. Despite a preview for a season two DVD set, Warner Bros. Li Angelo don't even have an official shoe, so he's barely in the family. Yet despite the fact that Beyonce herself said that Rihanna is family I know some of you can't picture Beyonce and Rihanna holding hands and skipping down Fifth Avenue.

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First of all congratulations to Beyonchichi on the success of her tour.

In my opinion if you compare Rihanna and Beyonce then you have totally missed the point of what Beyonce is trying to do, and in many ways what Rihanna is trying to do.

They are two seperate artists and should be treated as such.

from the scene where Deena snitches on Curtis to the feds. It baffles me how Beyonce has become so famous and yet she does all the wrong things in the eyes of her stans. I've been watching You Tube video's of Michael Jackson's stage shows and his sets have always been relatively simple. If you made a list of the hottest chicks in the game it would Beyonce and big ass space and then random ass chicks in no particular order because nobody cares about them.

EXHIBIT BHere is a picture of several of Rihanna's 343 tattoos. When I spend to see a movie at the picture show I DON'T want to know the ending so I will never understand why people would spend 0 to go to concert and you know EVERY FUCKING THING that's going to happen before it happens. I just don't want you bitches to go to the concert and say "That show was kinda boring" Well, maybe if you hadn't spent the last four months watching it over and over on You Tube it wouldn't have been as boring, but your punk ass knew every thing that was going to happen. I have resisted the urge to watch You Tube videos of the I Am... Teller: Would like to see Beyonce's whole set list? She picks the wrong singles, the wrong videos, the wrong outfits, her stage doesn't look like Britney's blah, blah,blah,blah, bark, bark. I guess he didn't need the clowns, monkeys, elephants, lions, tigers, and bears on stage because the thought was if your talent is big enough there isn't much room on stage for a lot other stuff. Did you really have to call America's Most Wanted, Unsolved Mysteries, Ghostbusters, and Matthew Knowles to realize that this wasn't real. In the midst of the hit movie, the hit tour, the hit singles, and the hit album I realized that Beyonce's competition is not to be found in the current crop of pop/R&B chickens.

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