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On taping days the crew eats in its self-segregating corner, and I would on occasion sit with them and taunt the producers walking by craft service into joining us.

We could always walk but who would pay the monthly Audi Q5 bill?“I shouldn’t say this, but there’s so much empty space here.I don’t really see why a pipeline couldn’t be built in this state,” Tavis Smiley tells me as we are driving on a snowy two-lane road through the vast nothingness of the North Dakota plains toward the Oceti Sakowin camp at Standing Rock.My show is very fragile, like a Fabergé Egg…don’t drop it.” It is difficult to sum someone up when you first meet them.Most of the time we tend to ignore and block out the obvious signs of the imbecile, knowing very well that we might end up for various reasons being stuck with that person and overly confident in our ability to prevail.

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