Men dating younger women live longer albumes de boda online dating

It cited a Danish study, which found that men with younger partners lived longer than those who marry someone roughly the same age. Before deciding what age gap is ideal, there are clear-cut patterns when it comes to our preferences.

Women look for men roughly their age, while men of all ages prefer women in their 20s, according to research by Christian Rudder, co-founder of dating website OKCupid.

This is the case irrespective of whether the woman is younger or older than her spouse.

Related to life expectancy choosing a wife is easy for men - the younger the better.

Bigger age gaps, the article says, can also lead to both pros and cons later on in life – if you manage to avoid the divorce first, that is.

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It is not clear but perhaps society has not come as far as we would like to believe and women marrying younger men or significantly older men can suffer emotionally from breaking from the norm.You’re only as young as you feel, or so the adage goes.And it seems that men like Hugh Hefner, who take that sort of advice literally, might be on to something.In the United States, on average a groom is 2.3 years older than his bride."It's not that women couldn't find younger partners; the majority just don't want to", says Sven Drefahl.

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