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Unknown how this glitch starts, but this applies with zombie and plant heroes.

Plant heroes can fight against plant hero and so do zombie heroes.

Strangely, they may work on Daily Challenge replays.

It is unknown what causes this or how it can be resolved.

Complex software is rarely bug-free or otherwise free from errors upon the first release.

This article is a list of the glitches found in Plants vs. If you think you found one that deserves to be on this page, feel free to add it.

In the 39th zombie mission boss, the music will become higher pitch.

This is because of the preplaced plants and zombies.

It is currently unknown why this happens, although it could be a way to stop players from abusing the free pack system. If your opponent concedes while you redraw a card, all cards disappear except the fourth card.After the 1.6.27 update, the Defeat animation can now appear earlier than when the hero explodes.But when both plants Team-Up hits the zombie hero, they can cancel the defeat animation.If a fighter with a self-boosting effect activates said effect at zero health, it will still live if its health was boosted.After you get a higher rank (or have been promoted to a higher league), play Casual and beat it.

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