Running a dating agency

There's still a stigma about women going out into bars or restaurants, and I'm not the sort of person who could book a table for one and sit in a corner. I'd rather not go out at all if that's all I could manage socially. That's when my friend suggested I try a dating agency. I was given six names and the last of the six turned out to be my future husband, Colin. I call it fate, but yes, there is an element of chance there.

I remember Valentine's Day when I was 37: I'd just moved into a new house, bought brand new furniture, and should have felt happy. I called him on the Monday, met him on the Friday, and two weeks later we were engaged! But even if I hadn't met Colin, a dating agency would have been well worth the money for me.

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We weren't right for each other but we said we'd keep in touch and we had a fun time.He said he was telling me because he knew he could trust me.It was very frightening and I felt incredibly disillusioned.But none of my matches had nothing even remotely in common with me.One man they set me up with lived over three hours away by car which was unfeasible.

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